Spring 2012 Season

Here’s a table chart of the upcoming simulcast’s new titles, OVAs, movies, and whatnot. This table chart was made by cowboybibimbop and since it’s a bit hard to read here is a link to the full size version. Advertisements

3.11.11- Japan’s Earthquake One Year Later

I’d love it if everyone who reads this would take a moment to reminisce about last year’s tragedy in Japan. I still remember all the news coverage from collapsing buildings to nuclear radiation panic. When I first heard about it, I remember crying and praying for the goners and survivors. But my heart swells with […]

Ho ho oh?

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!!! Whatever you celebrated I wish you love, joy, and prosperity! And as a bonus…Hastune Miku. Bye Bye!

Friday Thriller

Decided to do anther one of these. Sorry it has been awhile. And I present to you Gosick Wallpapers! WooHoo! Go ahead, Click! And as a Super Bonus *drumroll* Music! This piece is actually my favorite of all the songs. And I hope you agree. Hope these made you feel better. Go ahead and comment […]

Update! #3

Lately I’ve totally busy. That’s why there hasn’t been a new review. But the reason why is because aside from all the other stuff I do, I’ve been obsessed with this new program i found. Called paint tool SAI. I’ve been trying my hand at digital coloring and it’s been taking up all my limited […]

Hello Peeps!

Hello my lovely puppets! How’s your evening going? *get shot for being creepy* Ok ok I just wanted to say a few words a appreciation. Your comments make me blush. Blushies! keep looking out for my new posts And I’ll keep writing them. But please don’t get upset if I’m not posting for awhile. I […]

Update #2

Hey you guys….long time no see…? Ok ok sorry for all the akwardness but that makes a good ice breacker right? yeah, didin’t think so. I’m here to apologize for not being able to post for about a week. I ghad some medical issues that’s why. But don’t worry I’m pretty much fine now. There […]