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Natsume Yuujinchou


Natsume Takashi has the ability to see spirits, which he has long kept secret. However, once he inherits a strange book that belonged to his deceased grandmother, Reiko, he discovers the reason why spirits surround him. Containing the names of these spirits, a binding contract was formed between the spirits and the owner of the book. Now, Natsume is determined to free the spirits and dissolve the contracts. With the help of a spirit cat, his days are filled trying to return the names to these spirits.

My Thoughts

I absolutely Love this series. It’s a Must Watch. No matter what you must watch this. Your entertainment depends on it. Let me tell you why…

  1. It’s Absolutely Heartwarming. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said “Awww” during this anime. I might sound like I’m exaggerating but it’s true- Natsume yuujinchou makes you want to me a good person. In every episode it subtly show you all your flaws, makes you reflect. It’ll make you want to talk to the lonely kid, or try to understand more, or appreciate what you have. Overall it has a warm&fuzzy vibe. There is awe all throughout each episode. It is its signature style
  2. It’s Beautiful. Whatever your first impressions are of the art or animation will quickly change after ep. 1. I’m so serious, I immediately fell in love with this, about a year back, and I still love it today. “But if it’s not the art, why is it so beautiful right?” That’s because of the plot and the execution. The way these two are combined has a massive effect on the show itself. For this one, the combo is so well done I just have to honor it the title of Beautiful.
  3. There’s Emotion. Let’s get this straight, feeling sympathy for a character is Not emotion. It’s feeling or mood. Emotion is when you can experience a character’s pain-on a personal level. Their happiness is your joy. Their pain is your grief. Their sadness is your sorrow. There is a connection between you two. A bond. (Well, last part is a wee-bit dramatized, but the 1st part is true) But whatever it may be there is definitely something that flows between you longer than the actual scene. In this case it’s almost,if not, exclusively with Natsume.
  4. It’s Refreshing. It’s not like any other anime to put it simply. It’s a type of show where, by the end, you’re relaxed and happy. It’s unique, no doubt.

Well…I guess I’m done preaching. (lol) But in all honesty watch it. Build your own opinions. Start with an open mind without all the stuff I wrote and enjoy. I promise you’ll like it.

The Good

Weren’t you paying attention. But if I had to pick one, It would be number 4for

The Bad

The series has a slow pace, but that’s how the magic happens, when everything sinks in.


I would count this as a review of all four seasons so far, in general. And this anime is also known as Natsume’s Book of Friends. The manga is on-going.


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