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Linebarrels of Iron

*Shaking my head*


Kōichi Hayase, a weakling and an average student, is always bullied by his stronger classmates, and ends up being protected by his childhood friends Risako and Yajima. This makes him feel even worse since he realizes he is weaker than Risako, the woman he likes. But all this suddenly changes when a falling orbital drop mecha called Linebarrel misses the landing zone and kills him. He then returns to life, thanks to the intervention of the alien woman Emi, who was trying to land the mecha. Kōichi ends up being the pilot of Linebarrel and is linked to it for the rest of his new life. Linebarrel was designed to save humanity from an approaching inter-dimensional war and to bring justice to Earth—but with a pilot who has been resentful all his life this isn’t top priority. (ANN)

My Thoughts

I’m just gonna get to the point here. I thought this show sucked. S-U-C-K-E-D. Why? Because it was too much and it wasn’t enough. If you’re thinking “huh?” then let me explain. This show was” too much” in the sense that it spent way too much time explaining certain ideas and concepts. Which isn’t all too bad at first, but then it becomes repetitive. Thoughts are portrayed over and over in the same way but with different pictures. It’s exhausting to the viewer and I can’t imagine the pain the creators with through (Or maybe they’re just masochistic bastards).  Now with all that, the show wasn’t “enough” just means that, by the end you weren’t satisfied. To be honest, towards the end it was getting somewhat interesting. But the anime didn’t give itself enough time to follow through and emphasize its overarching theme. And plus, you could even think of more themes the ending could’ve related to. But my #1 reason for hating this show is, in a way, biased (as if anything on here isn’t) .My #1 reason is because I hate the main character, so much that I can write a separate post just for him. Hmmm…good idea. 😀

The Good

Lots of mechas…?

The Bad

To be honest, the plot, storyline, art, music, fanservice, and everything else was done very sloppily. And, bluntly, boring.


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