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Kuroshitsuji – Yes My Lord

Honestly, I’m very excited about reviewing this one. It is currently my obsession at the moment. And it seems to be growing popular as well. Here we Go! Synopsis To what extent must a housekeeper do things to be acceptable. One of the noble families of England, Phantomhives butler Sebastian Michaels has got unquestionably perfect […]

Halloweeny Fortune

Ok I admit the tittle is a Fail, I couldn’t come up with anything better. Let’s get down to business. So you guys should know Halloween is coming up. I was thinking about reviewing horror anime but then I thought about you guys and I just had a hunch that some of you (actually all […]

Hello Peeps!

Hello my lovely puppets! How’s your evening going? *get shot for being creepy* Ok ok I just wanted to say a few words a appreciation. Your comments make me blush. Blushies! keep looking out for my new posts And I’ll keep writing them. But please don’t get upset if I’m not posting for awhile. I […]

“Beyond the Clouds, The Promised Land”

    Synopsis In an alternate timeline, Japan was divided after losing World War II: Hokkaido was annexed by “Union” while Honshu and other southern islands were under US sovereignty. A gigantic yet mysterious tower was constructed at Hokkaido and could be seen clearly from Aomori (the northernmost prefecture of Honshu) across Tsugaru Strait. In […]

Milky Holmes – Get Your Toys Ready

Synopsis In the future world, people use ‘Toys’ that grant them superhuman abilities like ESP and telekinesis. This has led to a boom in both minor crimes and the need for Toy-using detectives to track down the offenders and bring them to justice. Opera Koyabashi runs the detective agency, Milky Holmes, staffed by four cheerful […]

Update #2

Hey you guys….long time no see…? Ok ok sorry for all the akwardness but that makes a good ice breacker right? yeah, didin’t think so. I’m here to apologize for not being able to post for about a week. I ghad some medical issues that’s why. But don’t worry I’m pretty much fine now. There […]